Christina Mildt

Painting, Sculpture, Performance

Privat: 12157 Berlin · Cranachstr. 23 · Tel.: 0172-3250497

Born 11/22/1948 in Berlin.

Entry artist database: bbk berlin GmbH

Working at „Bildhauerwerkstätten Berlin“ and her own studio.

2024 Loam sculpture „The Children of Gaza“
2023 Publication of the book „Eine Kindheit in Neukölln....und alle meine Tiere“(A childhood in Neukölln...and all my animals)
1. Sound project: Healing sound for the traumas suffered by young mothers and their newborns - Sound formation with a group of mothers.
2. Sound project: Healing sound for the light of the heart - Sound formation with men and women to relight the extinguished light in the heart (several sound levels).
3. Sound project: Healing sound for innocent victims of war and those who caused it - Sound formation of deep compassion with a larger group of people.
2022 - 2021 Continuation the Cycle “BUDDHA” with the sculpture of the “White TARA”, Plexiglas; a stone-plate for the entrance of a cemetery in Berlin; starting to write stories: “My childhood in Neukölln” (a part of Berlin).
2020 - 2019 Study in Scotland with landscape and sea drawings, participation in competitions and call for tenders, Cycle “Movement”drawings, watercolor paintings, two Alabaster relieves framed and colored, Cycle “Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon” drawings for a relieve after the paintings of Lucas Cranach, participation in a competition for a bronze sculpture, Styrofoam relieve for the Philippuschurch, Cycle “Buddha” drawings and Plexiglas relieve
2018 - 2001 Study and meditation in Sri Lanka, Toscana, south of Italy, India several times, Sikkim, Himalaya several times, art teachings for adult, admission in the data bank for artists of the „BBK Kunst im öffentlichen Raum“, several times participation in competitions and call for tenders, Cycle „Flow of life force“ sketches, painting, graphic for the own book „Praxis Akupressur”, Cycle „Buddhahead“ Study, sketches, relieve of wood, Cycle „Snowlions“ photos, 2 relieves in wood, 1 ceramic relieve, Cycle „Metamorphose“ sketches, aquarelle, painting, wood – and ceramic sculptures, Dancing performance, Artist in Residence Portugal „Raizvanguarda“ Cycle „Bardo“ illustrations for the own theater piece „Bardo“, Artist in Residence in France December 2017, “Bardo”, drawings and paintings, Artist in Residence in France May 2018  Sculpture, Installations, Performance.

The artist works in cycles for 2- 3 years on one theme.

2000 - 1990 Study in Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Art Projects with children (also travel and exhibitions)  Cycle „Water“ sketches, painting, Cycle „Houses“ sketches, paintings.
1990 - 1980 Study on the island of Gozo/Malta, Denmark, Swiss, England/Scotland, Cycle  „Small big woman“, Ceramic sculptures, Cycle „Archers“  great wood sculptures, painting, graphic, Cycle „Change and Confidence“ painting, offset printing graphic bought by the „Neue Berliner Kunstverein” for the Artothek, Cycle „Shadow“ sketches, painting, pastel, Sculpture in metal „Priest“.
1980 - 1975 Study in the south of France, USA, Scandinavia, Greece.

Birth of my son Rustan.

„Landscape“ Chalk sketches, graphic, painting.

1974 - 1973 Study and final class with Professor Thieler in Berlin, exam 1974 in Berlin.
1972 - 1971 Study and one year scholarship of the „ Bundesrepublik Deutschland“ with Professore Cavalliere at the “Accademia die Brera” in Milano/Italy.

Cooperation with contemporary artists in Milano/Italy.

1971 - 1970 Study class Professor Fruhtrunk in the „ Akademie der bildenden Künste München“.
1970 - 1968 Study class Professor Schrieber (Dean of the „ Universität der Künste Berlin“) painting and sculpture.
1968 - 1966 Teachings of art in school time with Professor Schmettau in Berlin.