Metamorphosis (from egg to butterfly)

Metamorphosis is a synonym for life itself with its challenges and difficulties but also a synonym for faith and confidence in the move to an unknown future.

In the inner silent space we change every second through everything we get in touch with. Beyond the outer visible changes there are inner ones. They might not be seen from the outside. What we call affection, I think, is exactly this process. Art has this effect without achieving it. There is a living connection between artist and spectator.

Through our movement and metamorphosis in life we become who we are and this opens our mind and heard for the experience of abundance and thankfulness.


Interview with Christina Mildt


Metamorphosis Pictures

CHRISTINA MILDT-Schmetterlingsei, Öl auf Leinwand

Butterfly egg, Oil on canvas

CHRISTINA MILDT Blue Morphusbutterfly

Blue Morphusbutterfly

CHRISTINA MILDT Schwalbenschwanz, Öl auf Leinwand

Swallowtail, Oil on canvas

Wood relief Metamorphosis

1. CHRISTINA MILDT Holzrelief Metamorphose

Wood relief Metamorphosis