Normally I work in Cycles of 2-3 years. This actual cycle started in June 2017 in Portugal as Artist in Residence in Bordeiro/Gois with the subject “Bardo”. This is a Tibetan expression and means in a general context “period of time”, e.g. from morning to evening. In a special context it means “The time of Death”.

My preparation was many teachings from Tibetan Lamas about this subject and my own Theater piece “Bardo” I wrote and draw for one of them. It was proved and accepted by a Tulku, a so called reborn. All this is my base for the work.

In December, the darkest part of the year, I have been in Marnay – sur – Seine/France as Artist in Residence for meditation on this subject and for painting the light I saw on the canvas. These are the “Light pictures”. In the middle of these masses of light appear visions.

Be invited to see the Bardo “Light Pictures” and one vision installation.

Light Pictures

One Vision Installation

On the way through the Bardo, I met the Sumerian myth of the Venus, in this time called Inanna. Because she is only visible in the morning and evening, but not seen on the sky throughout the night, they said, that she descends every evening to the realm of death, to see the ruler of the underworld, her own twin sister, and by compassion, she can come back every morning as our morning star. This myth is very worth to study, because we can discover again, what we take for granted, is a great wonder.

In a cycle of 8 years from the geocentric view, the Venus describes on her beautiful way through the sky the leaves of a rose in a pentagram way. So it is said that our rose is a gift from Venus.

Be invited to discover the secrets of life and death through the “Performance Venus” following her way through the installation of bamboo sticks in the amphitheatre of the Botanical garden in Marnay - sur – Seine. This happened in May, when I had the great chance to be again as Artist in Residence in France.

Performance Venus

See the sculpture of a rose. I found the same pentagram system of the Venus in the rose itself on many parts of her. The Dodecahedra in her center is the resultant geometrical form of it.

Die Rose

So as she passes by we are also passersby. Be invited to see the transparent and reflecting work: “We are passersby.” It goes in a dialogue with the surrounding.

We are passersby